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Included in the package is SpeechExec transcribe software, foot control 210, earphones 234, usbsoftware dongle, installation guide, usb adapter (no sound card required), pc requirements:minimum - pentium2, 233mhz and 64mb ram, recommended - pentium 3, 500mhz and 128 mb ram,min hard disk capacity: 150mb, control connection: self powered usb port (for usbdevices), software requirements: Microsoft wWndows 2000 (SP3 digital pocket memo support),Microsoft Windows XP.654008625(03/12) LFH7177 Transcription Kit£148.75
This professional machine with End-of-Letter indexing and sensitivity switch for conferencerecordings. Includes 1 mini-cassette and batteries.654007828(03/12) Pocket memo 488£151.00
This executive pocket memo includes LCD, Priority and End-of-Letter index tone. Includes 1mini-cassette and batteries.654007840(03/12) Pocket memo 588£220.95
Contains: 720 Transcription Machine, Foot Control, English Power Supply, Headset, 488Pocket Memo, 5 x 005 Mini Cassettes and 2 batteries654007013(03/12) Starter kit 0067£483.25
LFH236 Philips Walkman Style Headset.654001488(03/12) Walkman style headset£19.59
Dictation machine with LCD display counter for workflow management. Complete with power supply,microphone and cassette.654008171Desktop dictation kit LFH725£379.79
Direct download from device or files recieved through email. Playback speed adjustment, reviewcontrols including rewind, forward, play and stop. Auto back space settings up to 5 seconds.Displays files creation date, completion date, file recording length and comments. Recordingmode, file organisation, volume control and noise reduction. Playback of DSS, WMA and WAV fileformats. Includes foot pedal, E102 headset and DSS version 6 software. Compatible with windows98/98SE/98ME, XP and Mac.654009376Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Kit£105.90
654014020Olympus VN-731PC£47.99
654014025Olympus VN-732PC£49.99
654001045Olympus VN-7700£34.99
654014030Olympus WS-831£66.99
Mid range transcription machine with LCD display counter for workflow management. Transcriptionkit comes complete with power supply, foot control and headset.654006818Philips LFH720T Transcription Kit£390.95
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 Results Sort by 1
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